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The results are in! (Ages ago actually)

So upon Entering the ‘Better photograph of the year 2011’ awards I had set myself some goals, to have all my Landscape images come back with silver attached, no easy feat! I’m happy to say that 3 out of my 4 entries were awarded silver, and the remaining got a bronze. Not too shabby but I still have that goal to attain 😉
I also threw one in the Nature category to see how it went, and I was stoked to see it was awarded a bronze.

You can see the winning and top 50 images here, there are some damn fine photographers out there ladies and gents.

Enjoy your day,




Oh, and if you want to see which images of mine were awarded you can find them on my facebook page, which you are following, aren’t you?


Better Photography Photograph of the Year 2011

So I thought I’d give a sneak peak at what I’m going to enter into this years competition… or what I have to choose from, I think variety might be key. There’s a couple from Karijini in Western Australia that I should probably narrow down.

What do you think?

Here they are at full size, so you can click to see alot more detail that I have on my facebook page, which is here if you haven’t visited it by the way 😉

Entry 1

Entry 2

Entry 3

Entry 4

And a square image to round it up

Entry 5

Scotland is pretty awesome.

Sometime back me and a few friends from high school took a road trip to William Wallace country. From Edinburgh to up North there was not one piece of the land I didn’t like. I plan to go back again and explore further north next time. I have my eye on the Isle of sky…

I just hope the weather is as kind. Not one day did it rain, and the temp was as hot as the delicious yorkie we came to love at the pub we frequented.

Here are some snap shots…

This thing was massive!

Harsh lighting.

Click me! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Costa Rica

Costa Rica,

The warmth was welcomed, both from the Sun and the people. Costa Rica is an amazing place with 40+ National parks which is incredible in itself as CR is not a big country. It’s so good to see that the common sense to protect such wilderness is in place.

CR has just about everything, world famous surfing, great weather and people, a ton of wildlife and nature to explore, beautiful beaches and amazing local cuisine… Don’t go, you wont like it 😉

I didn’t have as much free time as I would have liked, you really need about a month.. yes, there’s just that much stuff there! Plus once out the likes of San Jose and Jaco, where they still accept the US dollar, you will begin to see the real Costa Rica. Tico’s that are happy to see you and not the ones that think you’re an American with a few spare dollars 😉

Here’s some happy snaps, enjoy.

Sand between the toes

Little Bluey

Pirates of the Caribbean Monkeys

At the local Markets

Heading to Volcano Iruzu

Volcan Iruzu


Check out some of the textures, shapes and patterns from the great rock we call Uluru…

Remember to click an image to see it bigger,


Something Spanish

A few weeks back I took a week to Spain with another BASE jumper, to get a Building to my name and thus completing all the requirements of the Acronym. We ended up with memorable jumps each, as I got my first, and he lost another of his 9 lives in a close call 😉 Great footage 🙂

Benadore is the British capitol for weekend holidays in Spain. It’s full of ‘Chav’s’ which at best would be likened to the Aussie bogan, although they have no similarities apart from their predictable nature, they really are on two different levels but right now thats the best I can come up with.. or maybe a ‘Lad’ would suit better.

Anyway, here are some happy snaps from our wanderings during the days there.

It was good to see the ocean, it really boosted my moral from the drab weather of London. In the words of Johnny Utah ‘I’m drawn to it… or somethin..’

Hanging out the front of a 'Biker cafe'... what the?

                                                They flatten the beach every evening, it’s pretty cool when it’s done.
Some people live vicariously through their dogs, in terms of fashion 😉
They have all different arty things on poles, I was diggin it

A personal favourite

Watching life pass by or smelling the roses?

Thats it for now.

I made a youtube channel…

And here’s a vid from it



One of the BEST places in Australia for anyone to visit, Australians included. One thing that still sticks with me, is just how overwhelmingly BIG this rock is!!! Photo’s (the ones that you see) don’t do it the justice.. you really have to see it in person to believe.

My time is Uluru was short, I LOATHE having tight schedules you must adhere to! Although short, my time was blessed there, hugely, I only had one sunrise.. and to everyone’s surprise (I just felt like rhyming for some reason) we were met with a magical light show that produced a rainbow in full view of the biggest rock this earth has seen.. but that will come later.

You must submit your photo’s to the National parks board if you plan to use them commercially.. That means make money. This is why you only see the same typical shots of Uluru.. There are HUNDREDS of excellent compositions you could have, that wouldn’t impede on Aboriginal customs (there are signs telling you where you can and can’t shoot) and I can’t understand why… it would only bring in more money to the parkes, which seams to be their main concern. Is more people visiting Uluru a good or bad thing?

Myself I think it’s good, they have a good set up there that is in force to keep people within the boundries – they even have rangers that drive the loop around Uluru to make sure you don’t stop your car where your not supposed to! They are vicious too 😉 or maybe I just caught one on a bad day.

Anyway, I could rant on all day and I haven’t begun to scratch the surface yet. I need to put an image in 🙂

Bottom line, most people think the Aboriginals are the money hungry/power control freaks there, but from my experience of talking to a couple, and some vetern Uluru visitors (on their 7th trip!!!) It’s the National parkes that have the monopoly on that sacred ground.

Wingsuit Basejumping – The Need 4 Speed: The Art of Flight on Vimeo

Wingsuit Basejumping – The Need 4 Speed: The Art of Flight on Vimeo on Vimeo

The guy flying the Orange & black suit is an absolute ANIMAL!!!!

How can you not be inspired by the Bruce Lee quotes? That alone is genius, coupled with this how can you not be inspired!??!

I can’t wait to do some flights in a wingsuit… but that is at least 2 years away with my travel and bank balance 🙂


Here are a few pics I took on a quick trip to Belgium not that long ago… We were on our way to Germany and it’s the coldest weather I’ve been in, in a long long time!!!

I quite like shooting in the snow, it’s something I’ve never done before, although I’ll have to aclimatise as all these shots were taken from a moving car! 😀