Bryceworld is my name… Photography is my game.

Something Spanish

A few weeks back I took a week to Spain with another BASE jumper, to get a Building to my name and thus completing all the requirements of the Acronym. We ended up with memorable jumps each, as I got my first, and he lost another of his 9 lives in a close call 😉 Great footage 🙂

Benadore is the British capitol for weekend holidays in Spain. It’s full of ‘Chav’s’ which at best would be likened to the Aussie bogan, although they have no similarities apart from their predictable nature, they really are on two different levels but right now thats the best I can come up with.. or maybe a ‘Lad’ would suit better.

Anyway, here are some happy snaps from our wanderings during the days there.

It was good to see the ocean, it really boosted my moral from the drab weather of London. In the words of Johnny Utah ‘I’m drawn to it… or somethin..’

Hanging out the front of a 'Biker cafe'... what the?

                                                They flatten the beach every evening, it’s pretty cool when it’s done.
Some people live vicariously through their dogs, in terms of fashion 😉
They have all different arty things on poles, I was diggin it

A personal favourite

Watching life pass by or smelling the roses?

Thats it for now.

2 responses

  1. Great shots here mate, top one is awesome, same with the bottom three. Keep up the good work

    April 11, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    • Thanks Andrew, those 4 are my favs as well.

      April 14, 2011 at 9:25 pm

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