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Costa Rica

Costa Rica,

The warmth was welcomed, both from the Sun and the people. Costa Rica is an amazing place with 40+ National parks which is incredible in itself as CR is not a big country. It’s so good to see that the common sense to protect such wilderness is in place.

CR has just about everything, world famous surfing, great weather and people, a ton of wildlife and nature to explore, beautiful beaches and amazing local cuisine… Don’t go, you wont like it 😉

I didn’t have as much free time as I would have liked, you really need about a month.. yes, there’s just that much stuff there! Plus once out the likes of San Jose and Jaco, where they still accept the US dollar, you will begin to see the real Costa Rica. Tico’s that are happy to see you and not the ones that think you’re an American with a few spare dollars 😉

Here’s some happy snaps, enjoy.

Sand between the toes

Little Bluey

Pirates of the Caribbean Monkeys

At the local Markets

Heading to Volcano Iruzu

Volcan Iruzu


This is Jess…

Jess booked in a portrait shoot with Professional photographer Neville Prosser  ( )  who is a really cool guy. Neville encouraged me to bring my gear and shoot along side him, always giving tips etc along the way. He also let me use his 70-200 f2.8 so I thought that was quite nice of him also (for those of you that don’t know that lens is worth over $2k)

So this is some of what I came back with. Looking back it was a pretty fun afternoon.

Hope you enjoy.