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Looking through old shots

I love the noblex, it’s a great camera. But after going through some old shots there’s quite a bit of banding that can occur. You MUST use/have fresh batteries!!!

It ruins shots. It’l be a while before I snag one of these again.. North Avoca

Any of you PS guru’s have any idea on salvaging something like this?


The Entrance

This scene was made ‘famous’ by Mike hruby (Pretty sure anyway) Usually there’s ALWAYS someone fishing off that little wharf, esp in the holiday season. But the other day I was lucky enough to get an ok sunset with a bogan free wharf.

Thought I’d share in the christmas spirit one last time 😉 Enjoy kiddies, Have a merry christmas!

P.s The Boat has a bit of a stitch issue, thats why digital is the devil!!!

Lion Island

It’s been a while, nothing much has been happening on the shooting front. I’m just getting geard up for a pretty big trip that should be alot of fun!

Been holding back on this one, but the secrets out, and i can’t be bothered to do a shmick edit on it, it’s too big for my patients! This place is awesome and has heaps of different compositions to choose from. I sat up here the other day listening to a mocking bird for half an hour. Thats one crazy creature…

Long & Skinny

Taken a while back, before I knew about white balance settings.. cough cough.. Still for such a wide stitch it turned out ok.. I have a couple of nice ones of this place on film, but it’s yet to be scanned..

The owner has also shown off his new addition by mooring a big fat 20? Footer. I don’t know much about boats.. but it’s big and looks expen$ive!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway it wrecks the scene now. Glad I got something current while i could.

Long & Skinny

Avoca shark tower

It’s been a long time since i’ve had a good sunrise for shooting. They don’t seam to mind popping up on work days though.

Anyway I got this the other day, nothing special but turned out to be just ok i think.. a little tame composition wise but i’ll be back 😉

Shark Tower

An afternoon with a rainbow

Tis the coming season of late summer storms.. Big punchy rainbows delivered by God, straight to a horizon near you.. All you have to do is get there!

Taken on the Noblex with fuji velvia. Wamberal beach, Central coast NSW
wamberal rainbow

Playing in photoshop

Just  found out a cool little technique to make your shots look like they’ve been taken with a tilt/shift lens.

The result is little miniature like scenes, like you’ve taken photos of a little model. Pretty cool to change it up a bit, keeps me from being bored..

Have no idea what happened to the thumbnail but it’s actually a pano, you’ll see more if you click on it

Mini Jetty