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Scotland is pretty awesome.

Sometime back me and a few friends from high school took a road trip to William Wallace country. From Edinburgh to up North there was not one piece of the land I didn’t like. I plan to go back again and explore further north next time. I have my eye on the Isle of sky…

I just hope the weather is as kind. Not one day did it rain, and the temp was as hot as the delicious yorkie we came to love at the pub we frequented.

Here are some snap shots…

This thing was massive!

Harsh lighting.

Click me! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Long & Skinny

Taken a while back, before I knew about white balance settings.. cough cough.. Still for such a wide stitch it turned out ok.. I have a couple of nice ones of this place on film, but it’s yet to be scanned..

The owner has also shown off his new addition by mooring a big fat 20? Footer. I don’t know much about boats.. but it’s big and looks expen$ive!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway it wrecks the scene now. Glad I got something current while i could.

Long & Skinny

Playing in photoshop

Just  found out a cool little technique to make your shots look like they’ve been taken with a tilt/shift lens.

The result is little miniature like scenes, like you’ve taken photos of a little model. Pretty cool to change it up a bit, keeps me from being bored..

Have no idea what happened to the thumbnail but it’s actually a pano, you’ll see more if you click on it

Mini Jetty