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Long & Skinny

Taken a while back, before I knew about white balance settings.. cough cough.. Still for such a wide stitch it turned out ok.. I have a couple of nice ones of this place on film, but it’s yet to be scanned..

The owner has also shown off his new addition by mooring a big fat 20? Footer. I don’t know much about boats.. but it’s big and looks expen$ive!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway it wrecks the scene now. Glad I got something current while i could.

Long & Skinny


Playing in photoshop

Just  found out a cool little technique to make your shots look like they’ve been taken with a tilt/shift lens.

The result is little miniature like scenes, like you’ve taken photos of a little model. Pretty cool to change it up a bit, keeps me from being bored..

Have no idea what happened to the thumbnail but it’s actually a pano, you’ll see more if you click on it

Mini Jetty