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I made a youtube channel…

And here’s a vid from it



It’s been to long…

Since my last post.

3 months in California, America. I spent most of my time there getting my jump numbers up Skydiving for my BASE adventures in Norway, which I never thought I’d find, but that is a country I could live in for a few years. It’s an AMAZING place.. You can’t describe it. Although it helps if your a millionaire, it’s one of the most expensive countries I’ve ever been to.

Anyway, I’ve hardly had my camera in my hand at all so far. Maybe I’ll regret it, maybe I wont. One thing i know is my short term memory is off the hook so far so it’s probably best I haven’t tried shooting anything, chances are I would have left my camera behind somewhere… Like my video camera I left in New york city, or my jacket in Germany.. which I forgot to put on in -9º weather.

So this is a video I made of my time jumping at Skydive Elsinore, a really cool drop-zone.

I have some footage of my BASE jumping to edit but I’m tantalisingly close to the next summer there which is burning on my mind.. So I might wait till I get back with some more.. Not sure yet, I have a few things in mind.

Right now I’m starting to build back up my savings working in freezing, snowing, icy, no sunlight, crappy ‘clouds’, overcrowded tube + nicely timed strikes, full of whinging poms… Hang on, I’m whinging. It seriously could be the weather.

Till next time…


Click here to watch the Video and TURN IT UP 🙂