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Better Photography Photograph of the Year 2011

So I thought I’d give a sneak peak at what I’m going to enter into this years competition… or what I have to choose from, I think variety might be key. There’s a couple from Karijini in Western Australia that I should probably narrow down.

What do you think?

Here they are at full size, so you can click to see alot more detail that I have on my facebook page, which is here if you haven’t visited it by the way 😉

Entry 1

Entry 2

Entry 3

Entry 4

And a square image to round it up

Entry 5


Scotland is pretty awesome.

Sometime back me and a few friends from high school took a road trip to William Wallace country. From Edinburgh to up North there was not one piece of the land I didn’t like. I plan to go back again and explore further north next time. I have my eye on the Isle of sky…

I just hope the weather is as kind. Not one day did it rain, and the temp was as hot as the delicious yorkie we came to love at the pub we frequented.

Here are some snap shots…

This thing was massive!

Harsh lighting.

Click me! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Costa Rica

Costa Rica,

The warmth was welcomed, both from the Sun and the people. Costa Rica is an amazing place with 40+ National parks which is incredible in itself as CR is not a big country. It’s so good to see that the common sense to protect such wilderness is in place.

CR has just about everything, world famous surfing, great weather and people, a ton of wildlife and nature to explore, beautiful beaches and amazing local cuisine… Don’t go, you wont like it 😉

I didn’t have as much free time as I would have liked, you really need about a month.. yes, there’s just that much stuff there! Plus once out the likes of San Jose and Jaco, where they still accept the US dollar, you will begin to see the real Costa Rica. Tico’s that are happy to see you and not the ones that think you’re an American with a few spare dollars 😉

Here’s some happy snaps, enjoy.

Sand between the toes

Little Bluey

Pirates of the Caribbean Monkeys

At the local Markets

Heading to Volcano Iruzu

Volcan Iruzu

I made a youtube channel…

And here’s a vid from it



Here are a few pics I took on a quick trip to Belgium not that long ago… We were on our way to Germany and it’s the coldest weather I’ve been in, in a long long time!!!

I quite like shooting in the snow, it’s something I’ve never done before, although I’ll have to aclimatise as all these shots were taken from a moving car! 😀


It’s been to long…

Since my last post.

3 months in California, America. I spent most of my time there getting my jump numbers up Skydiving for my BASE adventures in Norway, which I never thought I’d find, but that is a country I could live in for a few years. It’s an AMAZING place.. You can’t describe it. Although it helps if your a millionaire, it’s one of the most expensive countries I’ve ever been to.

Anyway, I’ve hardly had my camera in my hand at all so far. Maybe I’ll regret it, maybe I wont. One thing i know is my short term memory is off the hook so far so it’s probably best I haven’t tried shooting anything, chances are I would have left my camera behind somewhere… Like my video camera I left in New york city, or my jacket in Germany.. which I forgot to put on in -9º weather.

So this is a video I made of my time jumping at Skydive Elsinore, a really cool drop-zone.

I have some footage of my BASE jumping to edit but I’m tantalisingly close to the next summer there which is burning on my mind.. So I might wait till I get back with some more.. Not sure yet, I have a few things in mind.

Right now I’m starting to build back up my savings working in freezing, snowing, icy, no sunlight, crappy ‘clouds’, overcrowded tube + nicely timed strikes, full of whinging poms… Hang on, I’m whinging. It seriously could be the weather.

Till next time…


Click here to watch the Video and TURN IT UP 🙂

A bit more square

An old shot re-edited. Whats digital good for if not spending hours in front of your computer instead of looking for new shots? 😉